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Conversion Testimonies

  • Returning to the Catholic Faith
    Rick Ricciardi lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife, Jeannie and their two grown children, James and JoAnna. He works for Boeing.
    From 1974 - 1985 Rick Ricciardi served in several different Baptist Churches in Louisiana, Washington and California. In 1985 Rick and his wife took the opportunity to join an Assembly of God (Pentecostal) church. They had been at that church until April 1997, when he finally resigned his position as a Deacon, and his position on the Board of Directors as the Secretary / Treasurer. Jeannie was the Senior Pastor's secretary and the church receptionist for five years.
    After staying away from the Catholic Church for 23 years Rick Ricciardi finally returned with his wife in November 1997. His daughter JoAnna came into the Church in May 1998.

  • Dr. Scott Hann   A Presbyterian minister becomes Catholic
    Dr. Hahn is a former ordained Presbyterian minister with ten years of ministry experience in congregations, and a former Professor of Theology at Chesapeake Theological Seminary. Dr. Hahn entered the Catholic Church at Easter 1986 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin while his wife, Kimberly, entered at Easter 1990 in Joliet, Illinois. (He and his wife have jointly authored a book documenting their conversion. It is entitled: Rome Sweet Home:Our Journey to Catholicism).
    Dr. Hahn and his wife reside in Steubenville with their five children.

  • Merete's Peaceful Corner of the World.
    Merete is a 23 year old Catholic convert from Norway. She lives in Trondheim, the 3rd biggest city in Norway, and is a student of Law. She entered the Catholic Church at Easter 2000. She writes in her testimony, "In the Catholic faith I feel I've found something that's missing in a lot of other denominations. Although I respect all the other Christian denominations, I feel that I have found the right one, and that the others are coming a bit short."

  • The Ray Family - From Evangelical Protestants to Defenders of the Catholic Faith
    Steve Ray writes, "It was like being moved by a process beyond his control. That was how Stephen Ray described his conversion from an Evangelical Protestant to an orthodox Roman Catholic.
    - "I think we were frustrated," Janet Ray added. "The abortion issue was a big issue for us. When the evangelical churches were allowing abortions, and elders' wives were getting abortions and they refused to take a public stand against abortion, then that would cause us to leave."
    - "We found out the early Church was Catholic, it wasn't Protestant," Janet Ray said. "We were taught it was Protestant," she explained.
    - "We had always assumed that the Bible gave birth to the Church but realized, after some research, that was really a fallacy," Steve Ray said. "The Church was there. Jesus did not leave us with an authoritative Book, He left us with an authoritative Church and later, through time, that Church gave us an authoritative Book, but the Church came first."
    - "There are converts coming into the Church all over the country," Steve Ray said. "It's like getting a shot of adrenaline, and I find Catholics all over now getting excited about their faith, excited to talk to other people about their faith and tell other people about Jesus and the Church."

  • "A Kosher Ham Finds Christ" - The Second Exodus: from Judaism to Catholicism
    Martin K. Barrack writes,
    "Christ and Catholics were the furthest things from my mind. I would live and die a Jew - or so I thought. I couldn't see it then, but I can see now that even in my youth, Christ was guiding my steps steadily toward union with Him and His Church."
    "...Over time I became convinced, based on an objective assessment of the evidence, that the Shroud of Turin was the actual burial cloth that covered Jesus of Nazareth as He lay in the tomb...That stunned me... The only event that seemed to fit all the known facts about the Shroud's image was the Resurrection. If the Resurrection actually occurred then Jesus is God!"
    "...I challenged the deacon's assertion that the Catholic Faith was the only true one. Jews make the same claim, as do some Protestant denominations. So why are the Catholics right and everyone else wrong?"
    Click here to visit Martin Barrack's home page The Second Exodus

  • My Conversion Story: From Atheist to Baptist to Catholic
    Gary Hoge writes, "Protestantism, on the other hand, was mainly based on two doctrines (Bibly Only and Faith Alone) that I didnít think were very well supported in Scripture, and which were entirely absent from Christian history before the Reformation. I didnít see how Protestantism could be a return to the purity of the early Church, as I had been taught, because the early Church was Catholic. Therefore, I concluded, somewhat sadly, that Protestantism was not a ďreformationĒ of the faith at all, but a corruption of it...Today, Evangelical Protestants are some of the best, most devoted Christians in the world. Itís hard to find fault with that! And thatís why I created this website, to help these good people, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to understand what the Catholic Church is really all about."

  • Conversion Story - John Barton